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About Me - Travel Blogger

Hello! I am Dev Arora, a travel blogger from Bombay. My 9 years of corporate experience taught me one thing – change is constant and you should never limit it. Switching jobs and conquering established positions was yet restricting change from fully taking over my life. Hence, I decided to give my financial advisory career a break and began to take flights, trains, buses, and road trips with no intention in my mind.

The desire to get out of the corporate bubble opened my eyes and gave me a chance to explore my surroundings. Everything I learnt about in the past decade seemed invalid and there was a spark to be more accepting and live life at my own pace.

My very first adventure took me to Uttarakhand. Spending countless tireless hours on bumpy bus journeys and wild mountain paths, I was left pondering over the surge of happiness that was summoned. The variety of nuances related to cultures, lifestyles, and experiences that I was a part of everyday produced a calling from within. “Dev, you need to keep doing this!”

I had to get back home soon but decided to carry on in the direction of Ladakh. This brought me amidst valleys with diverse landscapes and people with down-to-earth and accepting personalities. The authenticity in their presence combined with the absolutely fresh and open atmosphere prompted me to re-prioritize what I want from life.

This made me shift my role to a financial consultant on the side but I diverted my energies towards offbeat and slow travel.

I started to try new travel recipes. Homestays with locals, camping in the wild, and attending a myriad of local festivals that bedazzled me. Soon, I was on the bandwagon of culture trippers. The fear of earning for a living had gone for a toss. Although, I simultaneously did wonders on both ends of this string that I’d stretched out of nowhere.

Soon I decided to throw in a blend of luxury palace-like hotels, boathouses, hostels, and of course my little green tent. Strolling around India, I eat, engage, click pictures, blog, and unfold lesser-known realities about such locations.

Over time, I have developed a valuable skill to curate intricate travel itineraries for myself. What makes it all the more exciting is that I make my adventures as out-of-the-box as my now broad-minded personality lets me!

Travel for me is about learning the subtle truth of life. Things that we often miss out because of monotonous and fast-paced lives. Solo traveling around India has induced a sense of belonging wherever I go. The best part is that smiles have become a perpetual part of my life 😀

The number of revelations that I’ve come across has made me want to share the idea of an alternative world that many don’t know exist. Thus, here I am, equipped with plenty of “on-field experience” as they call it!

All the content I create for my audience will have signs of sustainable and responsible tourism. This is because the past year has given me a chance to truly value nature in its purest and most surreal form. To put things into perspective, I intend to dig-deep within the comfort zone of non-city folk and extract the raw essence of their insight and attitude towards their homes.

Personally, when I hit the roads of India for weeks at a time, I go through instances and innumerable momentary experiences that radiate a rare kind of accepting joy for life.

Watching how the common man goes through the full cycle of mainstream life with minimal revealing occurrences makes me uncomfortable. This is why I am here to help people break the bubble, trash down barriers, and explore the unaccountable depths of this planet.

Have you sipped on tea amidst a remote mountain pass in the Northern valleys of India?

Have you camped under a metallic-wire bridge that separates 2 countries?

Have you sat amidst palace terraces and lost yourself in thought staring at motionless water bodies?

Well, if you haven’t then no worries! My experiences should ignite a hunger within you to discover more.

All the people who value travel and believe travel is an integral part of their lives have got a good seat in my heart. C’mon, let’s explore together!